Diamond PCD wire drawing die for wire drawing

  Product description:hole diameter(mm)tolerance(μm)      Die sleeveABφ0.020~0.0700.5255φ0.071~0.2001258φ0.201~0.4001258Φ0.401~0.60012510Φ0.601~1.00022510more than 1.00033015  NameWire materialsFlexile wireHard wire  

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  Product description:
hole diameter(mm)tolerance(μm)      Die sleeve
more than 1.00033015
Wire materials
Flexile wireHard wire
        Inlet area70°+/-20°60°+/-20°
Lubrication area35°+/-20°30°+/-5°
Compression area16°+/-2°14°+/-2°
        Sizing area20-5040-80
        Safety angle15°+/-5°15°+/-5°
        Outlet area50°+/-20°50+/-20°

Diamond PCD Wire Drawing Dies for Steel Wire Drawing

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Diamond PCD Wire Drawing Dies for Steel Wire Drawing
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